Welcome to Kaulbach Family Funeral Home website. Through our website you will have the opportunity to sign our current guestbooks, send condolences to families we are serving, place a memorial donation or visit one of the many resource sites available to assist you and your family in time of need.

It has been my privilege to serve families in the Bridgetown and Annapolis Royal areas as a licensed funeral director for over thirty years, the last fifteen years operating as an independent and local owner. Our staff are committed to offering professional and caring services to the families we serve with their funeral service choice whether it be traditional, cremation or other alternative services.

My wife, Marilyn, and I wish to thank all the families we have served over the years as you have placed your trust in us when we have cared for your loved one during your difficult time.

Don Kaulbach

Christmas Candlelight Service - Bridgetown November 25, 2021 7pm

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Forget Me Not Ceremonies - Christmas Candlelight Service

Annapolis Royal December 2, 2021 7pm

Forget Me Not Ceremonies - Candle light service

**Attention: Notice to the Public**       

                  As you are aware, Nova Scotia is in the Provincial State of emergency,                                      due to the Recent COVID- 19 Pandemic. We are continuing to serve our communities with professional compassionate and dignified service, while adhering to the provincial guidelines. 

We are being mindful of the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those we serve and ask if you would not visit us if, You have recently not been feeling well (Coughing, sneezing, fever)

‚ÄčIf you need to visit our funeral home, need assistance or have any question, please phone our office and speak to one of our staff members.  (902) 665-4497 or (902) 532-7555.

We are asking that entrance to the funeral home at this time is by appointment only.

     ****** Announcement******

Proof of Vaccine Requirement Effective Today, October 4, 2021
The proof of vaccination requirement is a new law in Nova Scotia under the Health Protection Act.

The following 2 excerpts are from the COVID-19 Protocol for Proof of Full Vaccination for Events and Activities:

1. Businesses and organizations hosting events and activities are responsible to check that participants are fully vaccinated before they engage in the event or activity.
2. Proof of full vaccination is required at indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and funerals (including receptions and visitation) that are hosted by a business or organization.

Effective today, both of our Kaulbach Family Funeral Home locations in Bridgetown and Annapolis Royal are required to ask visitors to the funeral home to provide proof of full vaccination. Attendees need to provide either a paper or digital record of vaccination prior to entry at our facilities and at services which occur either at our funeral home or at another location such as a church. Proof of identity is also needed.

This protocol is for individuals who are age 12 and older. Provincial inspectors will conduct compliance checks at events and activities.
To ensure that services proceed on time, please arrive early to allow extra time for our staff to tend to this new requirement and we ask that you be kind to our staff; they have been tasked this duty by our provincial government. Also, please remind family and friends to bring their proof of full vaccination.

Lastly, masks continue to be required when inside our funeral home. Public safety continues to be a key objective of our funeral home and we appreciate your patience and understanding as this new protocol is implemented.

Don Kaulbach
Managing Funeral Director and Owner